What We Do

720_olive_smNagler Law Group, P.S. is a team of professionals working to find solutions to the problems of financially distressed businesses and individuals. We assist businesses in reorganizations, financial work-outs and orderly liquidations, both in and outside of bankruptcy. We also represent individual creditors so that they can maximize their recovery on claims.

We often assist people with tax problems, and are sometimes able in a bankruptcy to discharge older tax debt with little or no payment.

Our clients include people in various stages of divorce, as well as married couples who need to separate their financial lives in order to shelter one spouse from the debts of the other.

We are able to act immediately to stop litigation or a foreclosure. People choose our firm for its experience and our ability to attend closely to our clients’ needs.

In addition to providing other legal services, we are a designated debt relief agency under federal law and we provide legal assistance to consumers under the Bankruptcy Code.